Useful Huawei OIDs

. – provides names for hwEntityId – temperature sensors
. – temperature sensors high threshold
. – temperature sensors low threshold
. – transceiver optical power rx (NE40E)
. – transceiver optical power rx (switches)


3 thoughts on “Useful Huawei OIDs

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for your information OID that I need to keep data of transceiver optical power rx (switches) and now I tried to walk snmp . and can get data for this OID but I need to know How to convert value to rx power value?

    Switch S9300
    OID=., Type=Integer, Value=28 ==> How to convert Value “28” to RX power?
    Result from cmd disp transceiver => Current Rx Power(dBM) :-5.38
    Thank you,

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